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Werewolf Make Up Kit

Werewolf Make Up Kit

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A full moon is coming and we have something to howl about! Transform into a creature of the night with our Professional Werewolf Kit. This complete value kit is valued over $50.00 and contains all the makeup and tools needed to recreate your favorite wolfman makeup.

New to makeup? You will also receive a visual step-by-step instruction booklet written by our team of professional makeup artists.
Complete kit includes:

  • Werewolf Tri-Color Cream Palette
  • Crepe Hair
  • Spirit Gum Adhesive and Remover
  • Stage Blood
  • Black Pencil Liner
  • Colorset Powder
  • 2 Non-Latex Foam Wedges, Powder Puff, & Cotton Tip Applicators
  • Visual Step-by-Step Instructions created by industry professional makeup artis
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