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MagiCake Aqua Paints

MagiCake Aqua Paints

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The Master MagiCake Palette is a 12-color collection of our most popular water activated face & body paints. This superb collection provides artists with a diverse array of shades to accomplish their face or body art designs. These colors dry to a smudge-resistant matte finish and can achieve strong opacity on just the first layer. Colors can be layered with each other to create unique hues and tones. 

The durable metal box palette allows artists to keep their kit clean and organized without sacrificing color range. Each shade is available as an individual refill allowing artists to maximize their kit efficiency and customize their palette. The MagiCake Master Palette’s essential color range makes this palette a wonderful option for any student, theatrical, fashion, editorial, body painting, festival, or creative makeup artist.

48gm/1.69oz. – Expect 25-40 applications per shade.

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