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MagiCake Aqua Colors

MagiCake Aqua Colors

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Activate MagiCake colors by dipping a brush or sponge in water and lathering the cake until a creamy consistency is achieved. 

For bold color and strong linework, activate MagiCakes with LiquiSet. To apply wash of color, dilute colors with more LiquiSet. To cover large surface areas of the body, try stippling with a large Hydra Sponge. These water-activated colors will reactivate if blended over, making it possible to mix custom colors directly on the skin.

Remove colors with warm soapy water, or Hydra Cleanse. Use Final Seal setting spray to increase the durability of these colors.

LA – 22gm./0.77oz. (minimum) Expect 90-180 applications

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